What to look for when buying a pedestal fan

Pedestal fans over the past few years have gained popularity as the best portable fans. The demand has been rising ever since; one of the main reason for such a growth is that these devices are light weighted and can be kept at spaces with absolutely very less space.

With this being told, with the rise in demand, the complexity of buying pedestal fans have also increased. Here are some factors you should consider while purchasing a pedestal fan.

Speed setting

Almost every pedestal fans come with variable speed settings. However, there are models that lack this feature and models that do have the variable speed feature, but the setup does not bring any noticeable difference in fan speed. It is always important to check the specification for how many speed setting is available on the product.


A majority of pedestal fans has their exterior body made of plastic or fiber, most of you would know the fact that plastic and fibers come in different types and quality. Make sure that the products you purchase have the best quality plastic/fibers and metals parts guaranteed against rusting.

Head tilt feature

Not all pedestal fans offer this feature. Most of them come with head swing feature but this feature might not satisfy your requirement. It is always recommended that you purchase a pedestal fan with head tilt feature.


This is one of the most important things to consider while purchasing a pedestal fan. The sound produced by a pedestal fan is directly linked to the number of blades and the motor power. However, today there are brands that market models with high power motors and more than 3 blade pedestal fans with minimal noise. The manufacturer often declares the noise level in dbs.

Power consumption

Today, most of the products come with energy star rating that is often denoted by the number of stars on the device. The number of start ranges from 1-5, with 5 being the one with minimum power consumption and 1 being the one with highest power consumption. Consider purchasing a device with highest star rating only.


Always consider the fact that best products come from highly reputed brands. Top brands always incorporated their products with high-quality motors and other parts. So, always be careful enough to purchase a product from a top brand.

Customer reviews

If you are considering purchasing a pedestal fan online, remember to read the customer reviews. It is where all the truth is, if you need to know exactly how good the product is, prefer reading the pedestal fan reviews and get yourselves the best product.


It is not that hard to choose the best pedestal fan, make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above and purchase the product accordingly.

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