Howt To Download Unblock Me For PC/Desktop/Laptop

Unblock Me is a puzzle game available for smartphone platforms mostly for the smartphone platforms. It is widely available for the devices running iOS and now it comes on Android devices as well. Unblock Me is a fun puzzle game to solve and keep proceeding with when  you’re just sitting idle somewhere and looking for some good time pass. Peeps who love puzzle game, should try Unblock Me for at least once to get the thrill and excitement of a puzzle game. The game comes in both free and paid versions. However, the paid version comes with more levels. Even the free version is full of enjoyable difficulty levels which you would enjoy cracking.

When I started playing this game for the first time I couldn’t just feel how all my time flew by. All my spare time had been taken away by Unblock Me and I am happy that it did. Because the game is super cool in so many ways that I don’t regret spending some time over it. The game comes in two gaming modes named the Relax Mode and the Challenge Mode. As the name suggests, the Relax Mode is more of relaxing game play when you are just sitting along somewhere and not into the mood for some serious puzzle solving. Red blocks will pop up on the puzzle board and all you have to do is slide them off the board. The game just removes the block without restricting any step number. Sooner enough, the Relax Mode becomes dull and gloomy.

So you would feel like moving onto the more difficult level; the Challenge Mode. Most puzzle lovers would prefer this mode like me. The objective is same; that is to remove the red blocks off the board by sliding them away. But now it’s not as easy as the Relax Mode because you are bound to do the job within few steps. You have to make calculated steps and remove the blocks in least possible step. If you can do that then you will be awarded with 3 stars. The whole process is not easy as it sounds; you could even end up sweating.

Some levels won’t just provide you a 3 star if you solve the puzzle in more than 15 moves. The difficulty level of the puzzle is evenly distributed; few of them are quite easy and the rest are tough to get over with. Don’t get depressed if you can’t earn 3 starts, that is really hard at times.

Steps to Install Unblock Me for PC

Since this is an Android app, you will require an emulator on your computer to provide the Android environment. There are plenty of third party Android emulators for Microsoft Windows. Grab one of those and install the game; doesn’t even require in-depth knowledge on advanced computing.

Installing and Running Unblock Me for PC

  1. Install Bluestacks or Andy from their respective websites.
  2. Look up for Unblock Me Free on Google Play Store. For the paid version either pay through your Google Wallet; or grab the paid version apk from some source.
  3. Install the game.
  4. Play using the keyboard controls.

You will realize how addictive the game is once you start playing it!

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