Spotify Vs Google Play Music: Which is Better?

Music keeps us charged all day long, lifts up our mood, and our fingers tapping with the rhythm. So, music subscriptions are the valuable investment for our lives. If you never, ever leave your home to work without headphones, this post is just for you. You must know whether Spotify or Google Play Music is better so you can make the wise decision before buying subscription.

Who should buy Spotify subscription?

Spotify is good for those who love sharing and shuffling music without buying music and want their music player to show up what’s trending or stations on the basis of their desired artists and genres. For users, it’s great to get a bit of music to fill their tech fiends and lives which switch the devices too much as compared to the device limit policy of Google Play Music. For casual listeners, the layout is easier to browse and dark theme is very pleasing. If you are a student and want an affordable solo plan, it’s a good choice.

Who should buy Google Play Music?

Google Play Music is the best choice for users and families who have libraries that are well established and the ones with specific tastes of playlist and they switch between subscription, purchased, and uploaded music. The family plan in Google Play Music lacks the strings of Spotify and it is better deal.  On Google Play Music, anyone can remove ads on YouTube, which is worth the price of subscription.


Both family plan for Google Play Music and Spotify Premium for Family cost $14.99 per month and allow premium subscription to 6 users. On Spotify Premium for Family, address is not changed. You either need to choose separate plans or remove your accounts and start from the very beginning.

On the other side, family plan for Google Play Music doesn’t have any restriction to live under one roof.

In the United States, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, and New Zealand, Google Play Music is offered with YouTube Red subscription, in which you can save videos for offline viewing and removing ads on YouTube.

On the other side, Spotify offers Hulu access and student discount which is special for college students as it costs only $5 per month. Student discount is not offered in Google Play Music. So, it’s up to you as which one to choose.

If you are a student and want an affordable plan, Spotify Premium is the best bet. If you want to ditch annoying ads on YouTube and want customized plans for your family, go with Google Play Music.

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