Interesting Facts about Kik Messenger

If you have been using WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Viber, etc. over the years, you may definitely know about Kik Messenger. You can send texts, videos, images, sketches and more with Kik messenger using your mobile data or Wi-Fi.  But the best part of Kik is that you can use its username rather than your cell phone number. Hence, you don’t have to share your mobile number to anyone. It has in-built web browser to check Twitter and Facebook in its app. But you can do a lot more without leaving it.

Read Messages and Skip Showing “R” sign

One feature you will hate in Kik is that it sends Read receipts to the users so they can know if you have read their message but ignored them. Sometimes you are too busy to respond quickly. Some people are too annoying and truly irritate you. So, you don’t want to show them that you have read their message. So, you can trick it by not showing R and just showing D which means message has not been read yet but sent.

Kik Logo in Messages

Another hidden secret in Kik is that this app enables users to text logo to their friends. Kik has enabled emoji of their app logo for the users. This way, it promotes their brand and it is a handy feature for everyone to try at least once.

Trick others into assuming that you are typing

Another interesting fact is that you can trick your friends so they think that you are typing but you are not. You may not know that you can look at the top during the conversation and it will show the name of person you are talking to. When they are typing, it will show up. But you can just change your display name by tapping on “Your Account” and replacing your last name to “is typing…” without quotation. If you are done, you can change it back to your last name. For more details click

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