How To Download Free Flash Transfer for PC/Computer/Desktop

How many times has it happened that you had to wait a really long time to transfer your files via Bluetooth? It has happened so many times indeed and you have always wanted an alternative to file transfer methods. Flash Transfer for Android is such an app that uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth radio to transfer files and as the name suggests, the file transfer takes place like a flash. The app uses Wi-Fi hotspots to connect both devices and send the file through the network. Since Wi-Fi radios are faster than Bluetooth, the file transfer is usually done lot faster.

You can basically transfer anything via tethering two devices through Wi-Fi. Apps, images, music files or anything else; practically everything you can transfer. Bluetooth transfer doesn’t really work all the time and there are issues related to copyright and other protections as well; but if you still need to transfer a file then Flash Transfer can help you doing so. Don’t even worry about using data plan because it doesn’t require one.

Flash Transfer

Flash Transfer provides easy gestures like Swipe & Share. This feature helps you transfer files easily even while on the go through few specific pattern taps on your device display. For example, a swipe-out gesture on a file sends that file to the other device.

For faster connection between two devices, there’s a QR code feature as well. Scan the QR code on the sending devices to connect it with the receiving device and you are good to go.

Flash Transfer for PC

The app Flash Transfer was initially released on Micromax smartphones for file transfer purpose. However, it wasn’t released to Google Play Store and it’s not available on PC platform either. Thankfully, the extracted APK package for Flash Transfer is available on various servers and we have provided the link below in the installation procedure. Run it within an Android Emulator to use Flash Transfer on PC.

Installing and Running Flash Transfer on PC

Since the app belongs to Micromax, they haven’t released it on Google Play Store for public usage. However, Micromax users have extracted the apk file from these smartphones and uploaded it on various servers for public usage.

1. Acquire the APK first. Click here to get the APK.

2. Once you are done with downloading the file, proceed to installing BlueStacks. Click here to download and install BlueStacks.

3. Now, move to the directory where you had stored the APK file. Double click on it and you will be presented with the Windows dialog box to choose an app to open the file with. Show BlueStacks and the APK file will run within the emulator.

BlueStacks will then install Flash Transfer as a regular Android app. When the installation is done, you can navigate through the app drawer and open the app like you would do on any Android device. You are good to go!

Even though you will not require an internet connection for the app to work, you would need an active Wi-Fi module on both your computers since this app works through Wi-Fi module.

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