Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 5 Best Innovations

Every January at the biggest consumer tech show on the planet, also known as CES, the year’s tech trailblazers are honoured and awards doled out to the coolest kit. To honour 2011’s winners and nominees, we’ve cherry picked, for your pleasure, the tech that has caught our roving gadget eye.
Sony Internet TV & Blu-ray player powered by Google TV
Where the web-meets-television, Google TV delivers a true online, app-driven, on-demand streaming experience from the comfort of your sofa. Sony will be the first launch Google TV-fuelled hardware in the UK with its four strong NSX-GTI HDTV series and NSX-GTI Blu-ray player expected to land early 2011.

Recon Instruments Transcend
Strap on the world’s first GPS-enabled alpine goggles and a visor-mounted display will not only show your real time speed as you ski down the black run but also how far you’ve travelled, your time, altitude, temperature plus your latitude and longitude so you can relay your position to international rescue.
Paradigm MilleniaSub
Subverting the traditional large box or sphere shape for an impressively sleek profile, this active subwoofer can take up many positions in home. Mount it on the wall, slide it under the sofa or stick it behind the TV…but wherever you plonk it, MilleniaSub’s opposite facing dual woofers won’t blight your sounds with the dreaded ‘bloated’ boomy bass.
Microsoft Kinect
Few could argue Microsoft’s hands-free motion sensor for the xBox 360 is the one of the most groundbreaking piece of tech we’ve seen in 2010 and as you can see its not just Stuff who has handed over an awards gong for its innovation. Its motion prowess is impressive but the new found ability to hack and develop non-gaming apps has expanded its potential.

Sleek Audio SA7 Wireless Hybrid Earphones
Fashioned from military grade carbon fibre casing and featuring aluminium innards, these dual-drive buds sound suitably high-end. Not impressed? Well, you can even acoustically tune them to suit your music listening tastes and with KLEER tech onboard, wirelessly stream CD-quality music from a compatible device. What’s that? You want a pair?