Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Starting from US $2,950, this flagship 46-incher is the first of the new generation of TVs out of the blocks. It's slimmer,smarter  and better connected than ever, with the latest internet TV applications and, ofcourse, 3D.

With HD Tuners on board, you have access to subscription free-HD transmissions (handy when they launch over here in future). Connect an external hard disk to one of the three USB 2.0 ports and you can turn it into a PVR too.

Samsung'ssmart hub is the place to go for catch-up TV services, web browsing,recordings,apps and more. it works like the home screen of a mobile phone, and provides access to the media you have on DLNA-compatible devices around your home. Format support is good, but to get your MKVs playing, you'll need a bang up-to-date DLNA server or plug in a USB drive.

It may have clever features coming out of its slim posterior, but you still want it to look the business when watching TV and films. And you're in luck. The Samsung's edge-lit LED LCD screen delivers punchy, colourful, sharp images whether in HD or standard definition. Motion during console gaming is smooth and it even manages to sound solid.

The remote control does the job but a 3-inch touchscreen is due shortly and is sure to make the web browsing and game-playing experiences all the better. It'll also support Twin view, mirroring whats on the big screen so you can carry it around the house.

There's one pair of SSG-3100 active shutter glasses in the box. They're comfortable enough for a Peter Jackson epic and sync via a proprietary bluetooth connection rather than infra-red, which boosts battery, combats interference and means they still work if you wander away from the TV. 3D content looks more subtle than last generation sets with only a hint of cross-talk. There is also 2D-3D conversion, though results are mixed.

Techy Gadgetz verdict....the cleverest connected TV we have seen, with stunning style, superb perfomance and excellent 3D capabilities