Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going Green: floating cities, vegetable synthesizer and a syringe that seals gunshot wounds

All eyes turned to Russia last week as the Winter Olympics kicked off in Sochi. The opening ceremony took place in the Fisht Olympic Stadium, a venue designed by Populous that was inspired by Fabergé eggs. But despite promises that this year's games would be zero-waste, environmental groups have countered that the event won't live up to its green claims. In other green design news, Paris is planning to turn abandoned underground metro stations into restaurants, auditoriums and even underground swimming pools. In London, a series of impressive origami-inspired pavilions popped up in Canary Wharf. In Abu Dhabi, Inhabitat obtained some exclusive photographs of the Al Bahr Towers, which are cooled with the world's largest computerized façade. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a only ‘slight better’ says New York Times

Hold your horses, phone fans – the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t come with some much-rumoured features and specs, according to a report by the New York Times.
Citing “a person in the smartphone industry with knowledge of the plans” as its source, the NYT says that the S5’s announcement in February will be a far more low-key affair than the S4’s, which took place at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall.

Renault kid concept with a flying drone

I’ve heard of optional extras, but this is ridiculous
Renault doesn’t think so – its Kwid concept car comes complete with a mini quadcopter tucked away in the roof that can fly alongside you.

Six games that destroyed society (allegedly)

“Won’t somebody think of the children!
It’s become a wearyingly familiar cry, as everyone from parents’ groups to politicians lines up to scapegoat the video games industry for all of society’s ills. Murders, juvenile delinquency, truancy; you name it, video games have been blamed for it.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Hybrid Super Car BMW i8

It can go 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, has a TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder combustion engine situated at the rear axle, sports a front-wheel situated electric motor -- which produces a combined system output of 362 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque -- and gets an estimated 94 mpg. What is it? It's BMW's new i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. More importantly, it could be the first "serious contender" for Tesla Motors' Model S.  

Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Launch This Month

Samsung is expected to introduce the latest generation of the Galaxy S line at Mobile World Congress this month.
According to the NYT, the Galaxy S5 is a more conservative flagship offering than earlier generations, which had seemingly gimmicky software features. If you recall, the Galaxy S4′s unveiling last year was ridiculously over-the-top, with broadway-style performances to show off ultimately useless features.

'Flappy Bird' Being Taken Down

Smartphone Woman
If you’re a Flappy Bird player, we have some bad news for you. Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down for this. The wildly popular and notoriously difficult free mobile game will soon be shut down.